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Giulia Martina

Since November 2015, I have been a PhD student, working mainly in the philosophy of perception under the supervision of Matt Nudds. Previously, I studied philosophy at the University of Turin, writing both my BA and my MA theses in the philosophy of mind, under the supervision of Alberto Voltolini.


Among the topics I am interested in are theories of phenomenal character and representational content, illusions, perceivable properties and appearances, the relation between perception and cognition, olfactory perception.

PhD Thesis

My current research focuses on theories of perceptual appearances, and their relations to theories of perceptual experience. In particular, I focus on minimalist theories, which deny that we need to posit any special property over and above the usual perceivable properties like colours and shapes, in order to account for our talk about appearances as well as for our experience. Illusions, or experiences where things look different from how they are, raise a challenge for minimalism. My thesis will explore whether and how minimalism could meet this challenge, and, more generally, what constraints the variety of our perceptual experiences posits on theories of appearances.


CADRE Scholarship (Centre for Arts Doctoral Research Excellence, University of Warwick)


At Warwick I have been a seminar leader for the undergraduate modules Philosophy of Mind, Meaning and Communication, Hisotry of Modern Philosophy, and Central Themes in Philosophy. I also have some experience with guest lectures on topics related to my research. I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


G dot Martina at warwick dot ac dot uk