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Greg Hunt

My current research is in the fields of artificial intelligence, information technology and the growth of knowledge. I am currently writing in the areas of information technology, heuristics, practical reasoning and the philosophy of psychology, and am developing teaching software in these areas. My current teaching includes philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology and information technology.

Selected Publications:
  • ‘Hypothesizing for Testing’, Analysis 49: 2, 1989
  • ‘Laws: Projectability and Uniformity’, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 4: 3, 1990
  • ‘Skills, Facts and Artificial Intelligence’, in Teaching Thinking, ed. M. Coles & W. Robinson, Bristol Press, 1992
  • ‘Is Philosophy a Theory of Everything?’ in The Impulse to Philosophise, ed. A. Phillips Griffiths, Cambridge University Press, 1992