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Jack Shardlow


In the 2018-2019 academic year, I am leading seminars on the History of Modern Philosophy (PH201) and Mind & Reality (PH144) in the autumn term. My office hours will be from 1.30-3.30pm on Thursdays, but I would recommend emailing in advance so that a particular time can be arranged (likewise, if you cannot make this time send me an email and we can try to organise a convenient time).


My research focuses upon the nature of our experience of time and paradigmatic temporal phenomena, comparing and contrasting this with our experience of space and paradigmatic spatial phenomena.

My thesis is concerned with our experience of (and in) time. In recent debates concerning temporal experience there has been a focus upon the experience of temporal properties (motion/change), the temporal properties of experience (do experiences have temporal breadth? If so, is this of a limited extent?), and the relationship between the two. In my thesis I present a phenomenological investigation of our experience of time - of things as they fill/fall within time - and suggest that something important goes missing in recent debates. This is the notion of a point of view. Articulating the sense in which we have a point of view in time and what this is a point of view upon is crucial to an account of how things are for an experiencing subject. I offer a characterisation of this point of view, and I demonstrate how this impacts upon how we think of ourselves in time and our relation to time, including the sense in which times seems to pass.

For a brief introduction to some of my research, written for a general audience, see here.

I am also interested in issues concerning the relationship between consciousness and time more generally, where this involves one's passing thoughts, emotions, and moods; episodes of remembering and imagining; as well as how time is represented in the visual arts and literature.

Other interests span a wide range of issues in the philosophy of perception, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of psychology, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics.


My PhD is being funded by the Faculty of Arts DTC (CADRE) at the University of Warwick.

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Contact: j.shardlow[at]