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David Miller

Selected Publications (all rights in all papers reproduced here belong to the author).

A complete list of publications (© 1963-2023) is also available.


  • croquet= [with Rupert Thorp] Croquet and How to Play It. London: Faber & Faber 1966.
  • krivine [translator] Introduction to Axiomatic Set Theory. English translation of J-L Krivine, Théorie Axiomatique des Ensembles. Dordrecht: D Reidel Publishing Co 1971.
  • pocket0 [editor] A Pocket Popper. London: Fontana, 1983. Now available in English only as pocketvisual Popper Selections. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1985. Editions in albania= Albanian, bengal Bengali, china Chinese,
georgia Georgian, lesebuch German, italy Italian, korea Korean, lithuania Lithuanian, brazil Portuguese, romania Romanian,
mexico Spanish, and sweden Swedish.
Thanks to the replacement of the original English editions of several of Popper's main works by reset impressions in Routledge Classics, page references in Popper Selections (and its translations) that point to the older editions (published by Hutchinson and Routledge & Kegan Paul in the UK and in parallel in the US) are now obsolete. This list replaces these references by better references that should for the most part be invariant across editions and languages. Karl Popper: Textos Escolhidos, Rio de Janeiro: Contraponto & Editora de PUC, 2010, incorporates the adjusted references.
  • [with KR Popper] 'Why Probabilistic Support Is Not Inductive', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 321, 1562, 30/4/1987, pp. 569--591. Bibliography*. Addenda * (2003, 2008) by DWM.
  • 'Some Accounting for Tastes'* In dbl To Myself from Others. Essays Presented to Don Locke on the Occasion of His Retirement 1989, pp.58f. Coventry: Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, 1989. Digitally remastered, September 2005.
  • 'Reply to Zwirn & Zwirn'*. A comment on D. Zwirn & H.P. Zwirn (1989), 'L'argument de Popper et Miller contre la justification probabiliste de l'induction'. First published in Cahiers du CREA, 14, 1990, pp.149--153. Paris: École Polytechnique. Digitally remastered, January 2008.
  • 'An Open Problem in Tarski's Calculus of Deductive Systems''*. Bulletin of the Section of Logic, Institute of Philosophy & Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw/Lódz 20, 2, June 1991, pp.36--43.
  • 'The Disposition of Complete Theories'. First published in Coleção Documentos: Série Lógica e Teoria da Ciência 10, agosto de 1992. Instituto de Estudos Avançados, Universidade de São Paulo. Digitally remastered, February--March 2009.
  • crvisual Critical Rationalism: A Restatement & Defence. Chicago & La Salle: Open Court Publishing Co, 1994
  • [with Karl Popper] 'Contributions to the Formal Theory of Probability'. In Paul Humphreys, editor, Patrick Suppes: Scientific Philosopher, Volume 1: Probability & Probabilistic Causality, pp.3--23. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers 1994.
  • rtg Russell, Tarski, Gödel: An Internal Study Aid. Coventry: Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, 1985. Portuguese translation by Otávio Bueno: 'Russell, Tarski, Gödel: Um Guia de Estudos'. Ciência e Filosofia 5, 1995, pp.67--105.
  • 'What Use is Empirical Confirmation?' Economics & Philosophy 12, 1996, pp.197--206.
  • 'Sir Karl Raimund Popper, CH, FBA'. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of The Royal Society of London 43, 1997, pp. 367--409. Italian translation by Grazia Sgarra: rubbettino Sir Karl Popper. Una biografia scientifica, Biblioteca Austriaca (Documento 9). Soveria Mannelli: Rubbettino Editore. Portuguese translation by Robinson Guitarrari & Caetano Ernesto Plastino: 'Sir Karl Raimund Popper'. Khronos (São Paulo), 1, 2008, pp.9--78. This paper has been reprinted as Chapter 1 of the author's Out of Error, Ashgate 2006 (paperback edition, Routledge 2017).
  • 'Is Scientific Knowledge an Inexhaustible Economic Resource?'. The Critical Rationalist 3, 1, 1998.
  • 'Being an Absolute Skeptic'. Science 284, 5420, 4 June 1999, pp.1625f. This paper has been reprinted, along with a response to published criticisms, in Chapter 7 of the author's Out of Error, Ashgate 2006 (paperback edition, Routledge 2017). Portuguese translation by Júlio Fontana: 'Sendo um cético absoluto'*. Sképsis (São Paulo) 6, 9, 2013, pp.189--195.
  • 'Word Games for Formal Logic'*. In Proceedings of the First International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic, pp.89--93. University of Salamanca, 2000.
  • An updated English version of the foreword* to Ezagutza objektiboa. Ikusmolde ebolutibo bat, the Euskaran translation of Objective Knowledge by Karl Popper. Donostia / San Sebastián: Klasikoak S.A., 2003.
  • 'Sokal and Bricmont: Back to the Frying Pan'*. Pli 9, 2000, pp.156--173. This paper has been reprinted as Chapter 6 of the author's Out of Error, Ashgate 2006 (paperback edition, Routledge 2017).
  • 'Induction: A Problem Solved'. In J.M. Böhm, H. Holweg, & C. Hoock, editors, Karl Poppers kritischer Rationalismus heute, pp.81--106. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2002. No longer available on line. This paper has been reprinted (with corrections and improvements) as Chapter 5 of the author's Out of Error, Ashgate 2006 (paperback edition, Routledge 2017).
  • 'Propensities May Satisfy Bayes's Theorem'. Proceedings of the British Academy 113, 2002, pp.111--116.
  • 'Do We Reason When We Think We Reason, or Do We Think?'*. Learning for Democracy 1, 3, 2005, pp.57--71. For comments by Trudy Govier and Philip Adey, and my reply, you will need to consult the journal in hard copy. Spanish translation: '¿Razonamos cuando pensamos que razonamos o pensamos?'*. Eidos (Barranquilla) 7, 2007, pp.88-108. Persian translation by Mehdi Nikouei & Ali Paya: ‘Āyā Vaqtī Mīpendārīm Estedlāl Mīkonīm, Estedlāl Mīkonīm yā Gomāneh-zanī Mīkonīm?’, Sīyāsat Nāmeh 27, 2023, pp. 70–83.
  • ooevisual Out of Error. Further Essays on Critical Rationalism. Aldershot and Burlington VT: Ashgate Publishing Company 2006. ooepbcover Paperback edition. London and New York: Routledge 2017.
  • [with Ian Jarvie & Karl Milford, editors] volume I volume II volume II Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment (3 volumes). Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Company 2006. cp1 cp2 volume II Paperback edition. London: College Publications 2016.
  • 'The Objectives of Science'*. Philosophia Scientiæ 11, 1, 2007, pp.21--43. Available also (with paragraph numbers rather than page numbers).
  • 'Falsabilidad – ¿Más que una Convención?'*. Spanish translation of the lecture on which Chapter 4 of Out of Error is based.
  • 'Tres pasos de las frecuencias a las propensiones'*. Praxis Filosófica (Cali), ns 24, 2007, pp.5--20.
  • 'Overcoming the Justificationist Addiction'*. Iranian Journal of Philosophical Investigations 4, 11, 2007, pp.167--182; Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia, Supplementary Volume, English Edition, 2012, pp.93--103. Polish translation by Roman Tuziak: 'Wychodzac z Justyfikacyjnego Uzaleznienia', Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia III, 1, 2008, pp.9--18. Persian translation by Ali Paya: 'Ghalabeh bar Eʻtiyād beh Movajjah Sāzī', Nameh Farhangestan-e Ulum 5, 2019, pp.145--158. Spanish translation by Carlos Emilio García D.: 'Superando la adicción justificacionista'*. Discusiones Filosóficas (Manizales) 8, 11, Enero-Diciembre 2007, pp.17--32. Japanese translation by Teruhisa Se: 'Seitoukashugi-chudoku no kokufuku', Popper Letters (Tokyo) 20, 2, January 2009, pp.4--11.
  • 'Truth Defined'*. In Walter A. Carnielli, Marcelo E. Coniglio, & Ítala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano, editors, The Many Sides of Logic, London, College Publications, 2009, pp.105--131.
  • 'A Refined Geometry of Logic'*. Principia (Florianópolis) 13, 3, Dezembro 2009, pp.339--356.
  • 'Truths Ancient and Modern'*. Manuscrito (Campinas) 34, 1, Janeiro--Junho 2011, pp.267--292. Spanish translation: 'Verdades Antiguas y Modernas'*. Discusiones Filosóficas (Manizales) 12, 18, Enero--Junio 2011, pp.207--227.
  • 'Probabilistic Substitutivity at a Reduced Price'*. Principia (Florianópolis) 15, 2, Agosto 2011, pp.271--286.
  • 'Machine Guessing'*. A two-part paper presented at the conference J. S. Mill’s Ideas on Induction and Logic of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Cognitive Research and in Artificial Intelligence Systems, Russian State University for the Humanities (URSS), Moscow, June 2011. Russian translation by Delir Lakhuti: 'Mashinnoye oogadivaniye, chast' I'*, Voprosy Filosofii 2012, 7, pp.110--119, and 'Mashinnoye oogadivaniye, chast' II'*, Voprosy Filosofii 2012, 8, pp.117--126. Spanish translation by Germán Guerrero P. : 'Adivinación automática'. In Germán Guerrero P. & Luz Marina Duque M., editors, Filosofía de la ciencia: Problemas contemporáneos, Programa Editorial, Universidad del Valle (Santiago de Cali), 2015, pp.19--44.
  • 'Some Hard Questions for Critical Rationalism'*. discufil24 Discusiones Filosóficas (Manizales) 15, 24, Enero-Junio 2014, pp.15--40.
  • 'Reconditioning the Conditional'. In Jean-Yves Béziau, Décio Krause, & Jonas R. Becker Arenhart, editors, Conceptual Clarifications. Tributes to Patrick Suppes (1922-2014), London: College Publications, 2015, pp.205--215. Slightly modified reprint: Princípios (Natal) 23, 40, Janeiro/Abril 2016, pp.9--27.
  • 'Missing the Target. The Unhappy Story of the Criticisms of Falsificationism'*. An updated English translation of 'Errando el blanco. La desdichada historia de las críticas al falsacionismo'. In Roderigo López O., Carlos Verdugo S., & Byron Bevensee B., editors, El legado de Karl Popper (1902-1994). Reflexiones a 20 años de su muerte, Instituto de Filosofía, Universidad de Valparaíso, 2015, pp.89--125.
  • 'Popper's Contributions to the Theory of Probability and Its Interpretation'. In Jeremy Shearmur & Geoffrey Stokes, editors, The Cambridge Companion to Popper, Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp.230--268. Persian translation by Hussein Valeh: 'Sahm-e Popper dar Toseʻ-e-ye Nazariye-ye Ehtemālāt va Tafsir Ān'. In Rānamā-ye Kambrij be Andishe hā-ye Popper, Tehran: Tarh-e Nou, 2020, pp.399--464.
  • 'A Hoard of Hidden Assumptions'*. In Jean-Yves Béziau, Francicleber Ferreira, Ana Teresa Martins, & Marcelo Pequeno, editors, Logic, Intelligence, and Artifices. Tributes to Tarcísio H. C. Pequeno, London: College Publications, 2018, pp.355--361.
  • ‘Deductivism within the Law’. In Volker Gadenne & Reinhard Neck, editors, Hans Albert und der Kritische Rationalismus. Festschrift zum 100. Geburtstag von Hans Albert, Schriftenreihe der Karl Popper Foundation Klagenfurt 10, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, pp.121--137.
  • 'Logical Content and Its Malcontents'*. Journal of Philosophical Investigations (Tabriz) 17, 42, 2023, pp.281--297.
Unpublished Papers and Lectures. All rights in these papers and lectures belong to the author. Please note that unpublished papers and lectures (including slides) are subject to correction, revision, and modernization, without explicit notice. No version, current or obsolete, of any of these papers and lectures should be cited in print without the author's written permission.
Restricted papers (all rights in all these papers belong to the author(s) and their heirs).


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