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Matthew Nudds

I joined the Warwick Philosophy Department as Head of Department in 2012, having previously taught at the University of Edinburgh (2002-2012). Before that I studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate at UCL and was a University of London Jacobsen Fellow and, for a brief time, a JRF at Jesus College Oxford. I am currently Chair of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


My research is in philosophy of mind and the philosophy of perception. I am particularly interested in the non-visual senses and in auditory perception. I am a co-director of Censes – The Centre for the Study of the Senses – based at the Institute of Philosophy in London. Censes is a pioneer in collaborative research on the senses that draws on a range of disciplines.

Teaching and Supervision

I have successfully supervised many PhD students and would welcome applications from students who are interested in working in any of the areas related to my research.

The following are some the PhD students I have supervised: Alisa Mandrigin, Clare Mac Cumhaill, Sam Wilkinson, Edoardo Zamuner, and Conor McHugh

Selected Publications

Rational Animals, edited with S. Hurley, Oxford University Press, 2009.

Sounds and perception: new philosophical essays, edited with C. O’Callaghan. Oxford University Press, 2009.

‘Experiencing the production of sounds.’ European Journal of Philosophy, 9, 2001: 210-229.

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‘Auditory Perception,’ in M. Matthen, ed., Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception. Oxford University Press, 2013.

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‘The senses in science and philosophy 1914-2000’, in David Howes, ed. A Cultural History of the Senses.


Office: S2.56 Social Sciences
Tel: 024 7651 1731