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Moral Experience Workshop

Thursday 30th and Friday 31st of March 2023

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK


The detailed programme, with titles and abstracts, will be announced soon.


Fabienne Peter and Daniel Vanello


Moral experience remains an underexplored topic in philosophy. Yet experiences of value, of rightness or wrongness, and similar morally relevant experiences are at the core of our moral lives. The nature of such experiences and their connection to moral knowledge and to moral action deserve to be understood better. Our workshop on “Moral Experience” aims to explore questions such as the following:

  • Is there a specifically moral kind of experience? If so, then what is the mode of moral experience? Is it a form of perceptual experience? Or is it a form of affective experience? And what is the relation between moral experience and moral intuition?
  • What is the cognitive value of experience in the moral domain? How are we to think of the role of experience in the acquisition of these moral epistemic goods? Can we acquire moral knowledge and/or moral understanding directly, or non-inferentially, from experience? Or is there is a mediating process from experience to moral epistemic goods?
  • Are moral experiences perspectival? How should we think of the kind of perspective from which one enjoys a moral experience? Do social identities, emerging from race, sex and gender, or class, for example, have a crucial role to play in shaping moral experience?
  • What is the relation between moral experience, moral judgment, and moral action? One of the central tasks in moral philosophy is to give an account of moral action and the kind of reasons that justify it. What is the role of experience in this context?
How to register:

Registration is free, but please register by sending an email to

Refreshments and lunch will be provided on both days. Also, if you want to attend the workshop dinner on Thursday 30th, then please note this in your email. There is an extra charge for the dinner.