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Vivan Joseph

I completed a PhD, supervised by Johannes Roessler, in 2015. My examiners were Steve Butterfill and Declan Smithies. My thesis looked at the relationship between attention and awareness in visual experience. Claims emerging from psychological research on selective attention appear to challenge our pre-theoretical understanding of both attention and awareness. I set out to show that we can retain our pre-theoretical understanding in the face of these challenges. There is a more detailed description of my thesis here.

Before starting my PhD I worked for a mental health charity for some years, which has left me with an enduring interest in a diverse range of mental health-related topics. Between 2012 and 2015 I convened and taught on the IATL interdisciplinary module Navigating Psychopathology, which incorporated a variety of perspectives on mental health.


Vivan Joseph

Vivan dot Joseph at warwick dot ac dot uk