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Nicola Spinelli

After successfully passing my viva in January 2016 (no corrections), I was awarded a PhD in April. So my time at Warwick is now over. One consequence is that I am not going to update this page anymore. However, I have both a personal website and an profile:

You might want to check those out for up-to-date information.

About me:
I am a full-time PhD student at the University of Warwick, with a Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship (now Chancellor's Scholarship). My research is currently focused on the metaphysical relations between essence and modality. My thesis is a revisitation of Husserl's doctrine of essence and necessity, and a solution of some of its problems, in terms of an appropriate development of K. Fine's work on the same topic. My supervisoris are Prof. A.D. Smith and Dr. G. Longworth.
Other areas of interest are: topics in metaphysics (essence, the problem of universals, the notion of grounding) , topics in the philosophy of mind (mainly the nature of intentionality and intentional objects) and Husserl's phenomenology (mainly Husserl's notion of an 'eidetic' science). Also formal logic (particularly intensional theories of properties, relations and propositions such as G. Bealer's), philosophy of logic, and philosophy of mathematics.
I occasionally work as a translator. I have translated some philosophical articles (for Bruno Mondadori Editore in Italy and Cambridge University Press in the UK) and some non-philosophical stuff.

I chaired the organising committee for MindGrad 2012, Warwick's graduate conference in the Philosophy of Mind.

In May 2008 I graduated in Theoretical Philosophy from the University of Milan (110/110 cum laude) with a dissertation on the relationship between logic and phenomenology in E. Severino, under the supervision of Prof. C. Di Martino.
In May 2011 I obtained my Master degree in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Milan (110/110 cum laude), with a dissertation on the theory of wholes and parts in the the early stages of Husserl's thought (1887-1901). I was supervised by Prof. S. Bozzi, Prof. C. Di Martino, and, as an external supervisor, by Prof. C. Sini (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei).
Apart from philosophy, I have a genuine passion for martial arts and combat sports, and have practised many for many years. Although I am currently taking a break, recently I focused on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competed at national and international level as a member of the Gracie Barra team in Coventry. I studied music for many years, too. Other relevant passions are chess, trekking, cooking and football supporting (A.S. Varese 1910).

Department of Philosophy
University of Warwick
Room S2.139

n dot spinelli at warwick dot ac dot uk