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Kirk Surgener


I am the Director of Student Experience and Progression for the PPE programme at Warwick.

I received my PhD from the University of Birmingham working with Prof Alex Miller on metaethical constructivism, with particular attention on the work of Christine Korsgaard. I argued that, although thinking about constructivism illuminates a lot of interesting issues, ultimately the position cannot sustain the grandiose claims made of it.

Research interests

I am interested in pretty much all normative matters: political, moral, legal as well as metaethical questions and related issues in the philosophy of language. Flowing out of my thesis I have done work on the Frege-Geach problem, the best way to construe moral realism, and how to make a case for analytic naturalism in ethics. Recently, I've become interested in what our treatment of animals reveals about their moral status.


This year I will be teaching Feminism and convening Introduction to Philosophy.

For an overview presentation about PH358 Feminism just click through. After downloading, if your start the slide show you will be able to watch the presentation and hear my commentary.

Publications and work in progress:

  • 'Ecumenical Expressivism and the Frege-Geach Problem' (with Alex Miller, 2019).

  • 'A New Solution to the Open Question Argument' (I borrow Gillian Russell's insights in philosophy of language to undermine revamped versions of Moore's argument).

  • 'Moral Structuralism' (I suggest we can avoid certain sceptical problems about ethics by looking to the philosophy of science).


Kirk Surgener

Advice and Feedback Hours:

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