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Roger Trigg

Having retired as Professor of Philosophy in the University, I am now an Emeritus Professor. I am based in St Cross College, Oxford, and am Senior Research Fellow of the Ian Ramsey Centre, University of Oxford, and a member of both the Faculties of Philosophy and of Theology in that University. I am also an Associate Scholar of the Religious Freedom Project of the Berkley Center, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

From 2007-11 I was Co-Director of a research project at Oxford on the cognitive science of religion and its philosophical implications. I am joint editor of a volume arising from the project, to be published by Ashgate in 2014 on The Roots of Religion: Exploring the Cognitive Science of Religion’. I am currently working on a book for Yale University Press on Does Science Need Metaphysics?

My most recent work has been devoted to issues concerning religion in public life and religious freedom. My last book (2012) was Equality, Freedom and Religion, published by Oxford University Press. My Religious Diversity Philosophical and Political Dimensions is to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.

I continue to be active in lecturing, speaking for example at the National Freedom Conference in Washington D.C. in May 2013, and also in Russia, in St Petersburg, in October 2013 at various venues including the Faculty of Philosophy at the State University.

I have long played a leading role in national and international learned societies and have been President of the Mind Association, Founding President of the British Society for Philosophy of Religion, and President of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion.. I was also instrumental in setting up the British Philosophical Association, representing all British Philosophy, and became its first President.

Online Lecture
Selected Publications
  • Pain and Emotion, Clarendon Press, 1970
  • Reason and Commitment, Cambridge University Press, 1973
  • Reality at Risk: a Defence of Realism in Philosophy and the Sciences, Harvester, 1980; second and enlarged edition 1989
  • The Shaping of Man: Philosophical Aspects of Sociobiology, Blackwell, 1982
  • Understanding Social Science, Blackwell, 1985; second, enlarged edition 2001
  • Ideas of Human Nature, Blackwell, 1988; second edition 1999
  • Rationality and Science: Can Science Explain Everything?, Blackwell, 1993
  • Rationality and Religion: Does Faith Need Reason? Blackwell, 1998
  • Philosophy Matters, Blackwell, 2001
  • Morality Matters, Blackwell, 2004
  • Religion in Public Life, Oxford University Press, 2007