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Martin Warner

My main research interests lie in the assessment of rational persuasion, the way reasoning often (especially in philosophy) fails to fit the standard categories of deductive and inductive logic without forfeiting claims to intellectual rigour. This topic connects with my work relating philosophy to literature, for not only are the procedures of literary works closely analogous to those of the great philosophical classics, but the canons of literary criticism themselves have a direct bearing on the relations between dialectic and rhetoric. From these two central preoccupations my concerns ramify out in three directions: first, metaphor, narrative, hermeneutics and the philosophy of language (especially the interplay between semantics and pragmatics); second, the history of philosophy, the relations between metaphysics and ethics, and those between philosophy and theology; third, the application of philosophy to practical issues, especially in politics, morality and religion, with special attention to the transformative and persuasive powers of language.

Selected Publications:

Martin Warner
Department of Philosophy University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL UK