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Workshop on Species Being

Centre for Research in Post-Kantian European Philosophy

University of Warwick


Workshop on “Species Being”

26 June 2023

The Oculus, OC0.05


11:30AM- 1PM: Vanessa Wills (George Washington University), “On ‘Mystical Veils’: Marx’s Account of the Human Eye as a Product of Labor


1PM-2PM: Lunch

2PM-3:30PM: Christoph Schuringa (Northeastern University London), “Gattungswesen and Universality”


3:30PM-4:30PM Break


4:30PM-6PM: Karen Ng (Vanderbilt), “Metabolism and Natural Limits: Rethinking Species-Being in Hegel and Marx”


6PM: Drinks and dinner

Thanks to the Warwick Institute for Advanced Studies for support for this event