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Research Seminars

Warwick Post-Kantian European Philosophy Seminar 2020-2021

Convenors: Keith Ansell-Pearson and Daniele Lorenzini

Sessions will be held online, from 5:30pm to 7:15pm




20 October 2020

In the South: Nietzsche and the Homines Religiosi in The Gay Science V

Robert C. Miner (Baylor University)



3 November 2020

Lucretius our Contemporary

Thomas Nail (University of Denver)


17 November 2020

The Rhythm of Democracy—The Pulse of Deconstruction

Naomi Waltham-Smith (University of Warwick)



1 December 2020

Sketches of Lived Time

Wahida Khandker (Manchester Metropolitan University)



19 January 2021

Masculinity as an Impasse: Beauvoir’s Understanding of Men’s Situation in The Second Sex

Manon Garcia (Harvard Society of Fellows)


9 February 2021

The Spirit of Revenge and its Political Destiny: Between Spinoza and Nietzsche

Miguel de Beistegui (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


23 February 2021

Kant's Idea of Unity

Angela Breitenbach (University of Cambridge)


9 March 2021

The Significance of the Use of Relief for the Structure of Intentions in Late Palaeolithic Cave Art

Fiona Hughes (University of Essex)


4 May 2021

Contested Legacies: Constellations of Terrorism in the Postbellum United States

Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson (Syracuse University)

Response: Quassim Cassam (University of Warwick)



Other Events


Workshop Genealogy

3-4 June 2021

Papers by Amy Allen (Penn State), Sacha Golob (KCL), Guy Longworth (Warwick), Daniele Lorenzini (Warwick), Matthieu Queloz (Oxford), Daniel Rodriguez-Navas (New School), Sabina Vaccarino Bremner (Groningen), Lee Wilson (Edinburgh)

The event will be held online, from 1.30pm to 5.30pm; programme here

Beyond the Punitive Society

A joint session of Abolition Democracy 13/13 with the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought

7 January 2021

with Miguel de Beistegui, Claire Blencowe, Henrique Carvalho, Stuart Elden, Daniele Lorenzini, Goldie Osuri, Irene Dal Poz, Federico Testa, and Bernard E. Harcourt

The event will be held online, from 5.15pm to 7.45pm


Biopolitics Reading Group II

October 2020-March 2021

Programme (term 1) here

Programme (term 2) here




Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference 2020-2021

Please see the WCPC website for more information.


2021 Joining the Circle of the System - A virtual conference series

Please see the Hegel @ Warwick website for more information.



Past Events


Foucault at Warwick II

17 January 2020

with Alison Downham Moore (Western Sydney), Lisa Downing (Birmingham), Stuart Elden (PAIS, Warwick), Daniele Lorenzini (Philosophy, Warwick), Federico Testa (IAS, Warwick)

The event will be held in room OC1.06, from 5pm to 7pm


Biopolitics Reading Group

May-June 2020

Programme here


Warwick Post-Kantian European Philosophy Seminar 2019-2020

Convenors: Keith Ansell-Pearson and Daniele Lorenzini

Sessions will be held in room S0.11, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm




15 October 2019

Launch event *

Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us

Simon Critchley (New School for Social Research)

Response by Andrew Cooper (Warwick) and David Fearn (Warwick)

* The seminar will be followed by a drinks reception. All welcome.


29 October 2019

Kant and Hegel on the Antinomies of Reason

Stephen Houlgate (Warwick)


19 November 2019

‘The Doing is Everything’: A Middle-Voiced Reading of Agency in Nietzsche

Beatrice Han-Pile (Essex)


26 November 2019

Making Sense of Politics: Towards a Deleuzian-Humean Political Theory

Jeffrey A. Bell (Southeastern Louisiana University)


21 January 2020

Genealogy and Critique

Daniele Lorenzini (Warwick): Genealogy, Possibilization, and (Post-)Critique

David Owen (Southampton): Genealogy as Re-Problematization: Autonomy, Aspect-Change and Limits


4 February 2020

Philosophies of the Wolf: Hobbes, Freud, and Deleuze & Guattari

Nina Power (Roehampton)


18 February 2020

An Enquiry Concerning Nonhuman Understanding: Philosophy, Ecstasy, and Ecological Thinking

Simone Kotva (Cambridge)


3 March 2020

Bergson on Time and Freedom

This session was cancelled due to industrial action


12 May 2020

What Is Free Speech? Michel Foucault Answers for the Greeks

This session was cancelled due to Covid-19


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