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Warwick Dinner Party - CRPLA & Food GRP


to all who helped set the table

We had a great Dinner Party!


Campus Resonate Festival

20 April 2022

The Dinner Party was open for guests at the Resonate Festival, with place-setting designers on hand to explain their creations. There were also on-the-spot designers who did wonderful things with play-dough.

Note: the Warwick Dinner Party is loosely inspired by artist Judy Chicago’s 1970s artwork The Dinner Party, which honoured women in history. We were struck by Chicago’s way of taking an ordinary thing – a table for daily meals – and transforming it into a vehicle for communicating ideas, goals and creative expression. With respect to food, it seems appropriate to do this collectively, bringing different experiences and ideas together around the table.

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We invited people to help set a table collectively, to explore what gathering for a meal has meant, does mean, and could be. The results were creative, provocative, and beautiful.

The Warwick Dinner Party treats the dinner table as a way to highlight diverse food cultures and ideas about food and meals. It is a chance to remember, celebrate, play with, question and imagine a future for how we eat.

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If you are interested in the Dinner Party project, contact Eileen John (