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Warwick Dinner Party

Call for Place Settings

A Warwick Food GRP and CRPLA Project

Postponed - new info posted soon!

Eggs Bacon & Fork

Thanks to Sailee Khurjekar for painting and poem!

Questions? Contact Eileen John (

See further information about the Warwick Food GRP.

We invite Warwick staff and students from across the university to help create a Warwick Dinner Party, modeled on artist Judy Chicago’s 1970s artwork The Dinner Party. Chicago used place settings around a dinner table to honour women in history. Our Dinner Party will be, perhaps unsurprisingly, about FOOD, but not just about the eating of food.

We will create a dinner table with individually designed place settings that will honour, show or symbolise something important to our food cultures. The table can share memories, traditions, ideas, recipes, fantasies, problems, fashions, passions and goals for how food culture can evolve. The scope is wide. Though wonderful artistry may show up, there is no requirement for artistic talent. We hope participants will have fun designing a place setting. The table will be displayed on campus, with participants – if they wish to and if conditions allow – present to introduce their creations.

Please send a proposal outlining the goal for your place setting: what you hope to show, remember, imagine or symbolise with it. A very brief sketch or description (no more than 150 words) will suffice. Some funding is available for materials or foodstuffs, so please let us know if you might want access to such funding. Group proposals are very welcome. Send your proposal to Eileen John ( and Sailee Khurjekar ( Deadline for submissions and date for the Dinner Party tbc.

Morning Breakfast

Cutlery out, just a fork,

Maybe a knife to dig into the yolk

Which drips on the plate, tap tap tap

And there is the orange river in front of me

Fry the bacon, mind the fire,

Step back and take a break

Before the heat envelopes me

In a fiery hell

One is too chewy, the other too runny,

It makes my tongue sour

And sweet

And warm

Blink twice and it’s gone

A breakfast of gods

And the leftovers left

To my beloved dog