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Project on Causal Understanding

Internal Project Meetings
More events will be added as they are confirmed. Please email s.a.butterfill at warwick if in doubt.
All meetings take place on Friday afternoons in the Ramphal Building (number 45 near the centre of this map); the room varies.
Autumn Term 2004
1 Oct, 2pm James Woodward (2003), Making Things Happen Chapter 2 (large file, 6.1MB)
Venue: Room R1.13
Also useful: Chapter 1 of Making Things Happen or Woodward's article on "Causation and Manipulability" in the Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy.
8 Oct, 2pm Hart and Honore (1985/1959), "Causation in the Law" [hart_honore_1959.pdf]
Gasking (1955), "Causation and recipes" [gasking_1955.pdf]
Venue: Room R1.13
15 Oct [external speaker--see main causal seminar page]
22 Oct, 2pm Hausman and Woodward (2004), "Modularity and the Causal Markov Condition: A Restatement" [hausman_woodward_2004.pdf]
Cartwright (2004), "Against Modularity, the Causal Markov Condition, and Any Link Between the Two: Comments on Hausman and Woodward" [cartwright_2004.pdf]
Venue: Room R0.12
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