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Understanding Counterfactuals / Understanding Causation

Below are the draft submissions for the proposed OUP volume 'Understanding Counterfactuals / Understanding Causation'. Please do not distribute or quote without securing permission of the relevant author(s) first.

Sarah R. Beck (Psychology, Birmingham) & Kevin J. Riggs (Psychology, London Metropolitan University): Multiple developments in counterfactual thinking

Ruth M.J. Byrne (Psychology, Dublin): Counterfactual and causal thoughts about exceptional events

Dorothy Edgington (Philosophy, Oxford): Causation First: Why Causation is Prior to Counterfactuals

Aidan Feeney (Psychology, Belfast) & Simon J. Handley (Psychology, Plymouth): Suppositions, Conditionals and Causal Claims 

David R. Mandel (Psychology, Toronto): Mental Simulation and the Nexus of Causal and Counterfactual Explanation

Christopher Hitchcock (Philosophy, Caltech): Counterfactual Availability and Causal Judgment

Teresa McCormack, Caren Frosch (Psychology, Belfast), & Patrick Burns (Psychology, Birmingham): The Relationship Between Children’s Causal and Counterfactual Judgments

Peter Menzies (Macquarie): The Role of Counterfactual Dependence in Causal Judgements

Josef Perner & Eva Rafetseder (Psychology, Salzburg): Counterfactual and other Forms of Conditional Reasoning: Children Lost in the Nearest Possible World

Johannes Roessler (Philosophy, Warwick): Perceptual causality, counterfactuals, and special causal concepts

David M. Sobel (Psychology, Brown University): Domain-specific causal knowledge and children’s reasoning about possibility

Jim Woodward (Philosophy, Caltech): Psychological Studies of Causal and Counterfactual Reasoning