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Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology

'Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology' was an interdisciplinary three-year project funded by the AHRC. It was lead by Christoph Hoerl (Philosophy, Warwick) and Teresa McCormack (Psychology, Queen's University Belfast).

The overarching aim of this project was to provide an empirically informed critical examination of the relationship between our everyday understanding of time, and time as typically understood within modern science. Philosophers often claim that there is a deep gulf between common sense and science when it comes to how each of them understands what time is. Specifically, they are assumed to involve radically different commitments regarding the metaphysics of time. The project's aim was to investigate the extent to which research on the psychology of time actually bears this out, or might indeed also point to ways of bridging this perceived gulf.

Further details about the project are available here; the project website can be found here.