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Workshop: The Second Person

Second person image

March 20–21, Scarman House, University of Warwick

The second person perspective is the perspective one has on a person when one is in a position to think of them as ‘you’, or ‘thou’ (as opposed to ‘he’ or ‘she’). There has been increasing recognition in recent years of the potential importance of understanding the nature of the second person perspective when explaining a variety of phenomena in ethics, philosophy of mind, and theories of thought and communication. The workshop aims to explore, and critically assess, attempts to shed philosophical light by appeal to the second person perspective.

The event will take place at Scarman House, which can be found on this campus map.

Friday 20th March

10:30 Tea/Coffee

11:00-12:45 Douglas Lavin (UCL) ‘Living in the Eyes of Another’

1:00-2:00 lunch 2:00-3:45 Sebastian Rödl (Leipzig) ‘Universal Practical Relation’

3:45-4:00 Tea/Coffee

4:00-5:45 Quassim Cassam (Warwick) ‘Persuasion’

7:30 Conference dinner

Saturday 21st March

10:30 Tea/Coffee

11:00-12:45 Lucy O'Brien (UCL) ‘Shameful Self-Consciousness’

1:00-2:00 lunch

2:00-3:30 Naomi Eilan (Warwick) ‘Joint Attention and the Second Person’

3:30-5.00 John Campbell (Berkeley) ‘Joint Attention’

5:00-5:30 Tea/Coffee

5:30-6:30 General discussion

Information about local accomodation may be found here.

For further information, please contact Guy Longworth: g dot h dot longworth at warwick dot ac dot uk