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Attention and Perceptual Activity Workshop

As well as passive perceptual events there are perceptual activities, such as watching, looking and perceptual attending. This one-day workshop in the philosophy of perception brings together researchers for a day of papers and discussion focusing on the nature of perceptual attention and activity, and the significance of these notions for the philosophy of mind, action and epistemology.


  • Thomas Crowther (University of Warwick) ‘Attention and Capacitation’
  • Hemdat Lerman (University of Warwick) 'On attention and demonstratives'
  • James Stazicker (University of Reading) ‘Active Attention and Visual Processing’
  • Sebastian Watzl (Harvard/CSMN Oslo) ‘Perceptual Guidance’

Please address any enquiries to Thomas Crowther at 

Date: Saturday 10th May 2014

Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm

Venue: S0.10

Registration: No registration is required for the event.