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MindGrad ‘16 - Programme

Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind
3rd 4th of December 2016
University of Warwick (UK)
3rd of December 2016

9:30 Arrival and registration

10:00 Umrao Sethi (Berkely) ‘Two Grounds for Sensible Qualities

Response: Christoph Hoerl (Warwick)
Chair: Alex Green

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Alexander Heape (Oxford) ‘Cognitivism about Trust

Response: Guy Longworth (Warwick)
Chair: Johan Heemskerk

13:30 Lunch and coffee

14:30 Sam Clarke (Oxford) ‘Don’t Fail the Module!

Response: Steve Butterfill (Warwick)
Chair: Alfonso Anaya

16:00 Coffee

16:30 Annalisa Coliva (UC Irvine) ‘The Varieties of Self Knowledge

Response: Tristan Keetz (Warwick)
Chair: Giulia Martina

18:00 Drinks and Conference Dinner
4th of December 2016
10:00 Gregor Hochstetter (Tübingen) ‘Agency and Inhibition

Response: Hemdat Lerman (Warwick)
Chair: Judith Martens

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Adam Bradley (Berkely) ‘Perceptual Representationalism and The
Paradox of Pain

Response: Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick)
Chair: Dylan Parrin

13:30 Lunch and coffee

14:30 Andrea White (Leeds) ‘The Disappearing Agent’

Response: Johannes Roessler (Warwick)
Chair: Simon Wimmer

16:00 Coffee

16:30 Barry Dainton (Liverpool) 'Bergson as an Extensionalist'

Response: Jack Shardlow (Warwick)
Chair: Henry Powell

18:00 Conference closes