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Past Events

Seminars and Talks

Anil Gomes (Oxford). 'Lichtenberg’s Puzzle' 27th February 2020

Rachel Fraser (Oxford) 'Narrative Testimony' 16th January 2020

Kurt Sylvan (Southampton) 'Knowledge and the Presentation of Reality' 9th January 2020

David Hunter (Toronto) 14th May 2019

Kevin Lynch (UCD) 27th March 2019

Lucy Campbell (University of Warwick) 21st March 2019, 10th July 2019

Ivan Ivanov (Shandong University) 20th February 2019

Eva Schmidt (Zurich)
 5th of February 2019

Wayne Wu (Carnegie Mellon), ‘Access to action as attention’. 17 June, 2016

Birgit Derntl (University of Tübingen, Germany), ‘Empathy through the lens of clinical neuroscience’.

Casey O'Callaghan (Washington University in St. Louis), 'Psychological Taxonomy for Multisensory Perception'. Rethinking the Senses Seminar 19 May 2016

Jérôme Dokic (Institut Jean-Nicod), 'Metaperception and the senses'. Rethinking the Senses Seminar. 22 October 2015

Cristina Borgoni, 'Unendorsed Beliefs' 24 February 2015

Mike Martin, 'Acquaintance', 9 May 2014

Jennifer Corns, 'Hedonic Rationality' 30 April 2014

Rachael Wiseman, ' Dreaming and Historical Psychological Statements', 14 March 2014

Clare Mac Cumhaill, 'Visual Evanescence', 15 January 2014


See also The Second Person Project; Rethinking the Senses

Workshops and conferences

*WMA Mini Workshop, Temporal Representation, 18th February 2021. Speakers: Julian Bacharach (Humboldt), Christoph Hoerl (Warwick)

*WMA Mini Workshop, Self-knowledge, 18th June 2019. Speakers: Hannah Ginsborg (UCBerkeley), Alexander Greenberg (Southhampton)

*WMA Mini Workshop: The perception of objects and space,11th June 2019. Speakers: Peter Epstein (Pembroke College, Cambridge), Umrao Sethi (CUNY, New York)

*Conference, Actions: The Mental and the Bodily, 6th-7th July 2019
Speakers: Lucy O'Brien (UCL) & Matthew Soteriou (KCL), Kath Bicknell (Macquarie) & Wayne Christensen (Warwick), Lucy Campbell (Warwick), Tom Crowther (Warwick), Tom McClelland (Warwick)

*Mind Forum London-Warwick, 21st May 2019

*About Time (Performance), 8th-9th February 2019
Big Telly Theatre Company, BBeyond Performance Art, and Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.
Teresa McCormack (Queen’s University Belfast) and Christoph Hoerl (University of Warwick) join the artists to introduce the ideas.

*Perceptual Knowledge: workshop with Barry Stroud, 8th-9th April 2019
Speakers: Barry Stroud (UCBerkeley), Lucy Campbell (Warwick), Andrea Giananti (Fribourg), Christoph Pfisterer (Zurich), Giulia Luvisotto (Warwick), Johannes Roessler (Warwick)

*The Flow of Time: An interdisciplinary workshop. 18th-19th January 2019 (Venice)
Speakers: Roberto Bottini (Trento), David Braddon-Mitchell (Sydney), Patrick Burns (Queen's University Belfast), Craig Callender (UCSD), Thomas Crowther (Warwick), Alison Fernandes (Trinity College Dublin), Christoph Hoerl (Warwick), Jenann Ismael (Columbia), Ruth Lee (Queen's University Belfast), Teresa McCormack (Queen's University Belfast), Kristie Miller (Sydney), Simon Prosser (St Andrews), Luca Rinaldi (Milano-Bicocca), Giuliano Torrengo (University of Milan), Gerardo Viera (Antwerp).

* WMA mini workshop: Time and Action. 20 October, 2017. Speakers: Thor Grünbaum (Copenhagen) and Alison Fernandes (Warwick)

* WMA mini Workshop. 17 May, 2017. Speakers: Sam Clarke (Oxford) and Olle Blomberg (Copenhagen)

* WMA mini Workshop. 11 May, 2017. Speakers: Matthew Soteriou (KCL) and Helen Steward (Leeds)

* 'Epistemology-led Metaphysics'. 4 May, 2017. Anil Gomes (Oxford) and Matthew Parrott (KCL)

* 'Self-Consciousness and Objectivity' Workshop with Sebastian Rödl (Leipzig). 28 April, 2017.

* WMA mini Workshop 26 April, 2017. Speakers: Till Vierkant (Edinburgh) and Neil Sinhababu (Singapore)

* TEMI conference. 24-25 March, 2017. Speakers: Natalia Deng (Yonsei), Thomas Crowther (Warwick), Sarah Beck (Birmingham). info

* Emotion and Experience. 17 February, 2016. Speakers: Julien Deonna, Jonathan Mitchell, Christoph Hoerl, Michele Ombrato, Daniel Vanello. info

* Action & Awareness. 17-19 March 2016. info

* Early Career Mind Network Research Forum. 27-28 April 2016. Speakers: Lucy Campbell; Tony Cheng; Joe Cunningham; Casey Doyle; Max Jones; Vivan Joseph; Tom McClelland; Katherine Puddifoot; Barney Walker.

* Only Connect Workshop. 24-25 June 2016. Speakers: Jane Barlow, Liz Barry, Maggie Ellis, Edward Harcourt, Paul Hart, Jonathan Heron, Catherine Hughes, Vasu Reddy, Claire Wilson, Suzanne Zeedyk. [poster]

* Joint Practical Knowledge. 11-12 July 2016. Speakers: Steve Butterfill, Lucy Campbell, Naomi Eilan, Anil Gomes. Ben Laurence, Douglas Lavin, Glenda Satne, Hans Bernard Schmid. (project webpage)

* BPPA Masterclass on Naive Realism and Its Challenges. 8 October 2016. Keynote speakers: Craig French, Mark E. Kalderon

* Early Career Mind Network Pilot Meeting, info

* The Second Person, info

* Mini-workshop: Joint attention
Speakers: Juan Carlos Gomez (St Andrews) and Maria Nunez (Glasgow)

* Mini-workshop: The Role of Consciousness

Speakers: Ian Phillips (Oxford) and Bob Kentridge (Durham)

* Time, Tense and the Psychology of Relief, info

* Attention and Perceptual Activity Workshop, info

* Warwick-Geneva Philosophy of Mind Conference 2014, info

* Perspectives on Joint Action, a two-day workshop, info


See also Past Projects; MindGrad