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Completed Research Projects

The Monash-Warwick Research Alliance: Prospects for an Ethics of Self-Cultivation

This research project is organised by graduate students from the University of Warwick and Monash University. It seeks to investigate the Hellenistic conception of ethics as a practice of self-cultivation and its revival in modern European philosophy. The research project will involve in a 3-day workshop and conference at both universities, bringing together a variety of experts, early-career researchers, and graduate students.

Organisers: Matthew Dennis, Sander Werkhoven, Jemima Johnson


21st Century Theories of Literature: Essence, Fiction, and Value

This conference seeks to capitalise upon such works as Terry Eagleton’s The Event of Literature (which surprised many by systematically engaging with analytic philosophy) and the all-too-rare live interaction between literary critics and philosophers (such as Peter Lamarque and Derek Attridge at York’s ‘Contemporary Aesthetic Education’ event) in order to develop active relationships and reap the benefits of such collaboration.

Organisers: Dr. Eileen John, Prof. Thomas Docherty, Philip Gaydon, Andrea Selleri


The Leverhulme project in Bioethics and Biopolitics (CIBB Project)

To use the historical groundwork carried out by the European Network in Contemporary French Philosophy to explore, and put to the test, the idea that “life” is a problem (the nature of which we intend to define) that defines our time, or historical moment, a problem that overlaps with, and gathers, our entire domain of experience, knowledge, and action.

Organisers: Miguel de Beistegui, Bill Fulford, Claudia Stein, Marjorie Gracieuse, and Giuseppe Bianco