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PhD in Philosophy and Literature (P-V7P1)

PhD degrees typically last between three and four years; see the course structure page for more details. The PhD in Philosophy and Literature is aimed at outstanding students who wish to pursue advanced research ultimately to become professional researchers in, and teachers of, philosophy. As a PhD student, you will produce a maximum 80,000 word thesis that can provide the basis for professional publication.

The Philosophy and Literature degree is for candidates whose research projects combine philosophical and literary concerns. The combination can be achieved in a number of ways, as aspects of literature can be treated as topics of philosophical inquiry, or a more combined and interdisciplinary approach can be taken. Ideally candidates will have an MA degree in Philosophy as well as training in literary studies.

While many UK philosophy departments possess strength in analytic philosophy or continental philosophy, we are distinctive in having world-leading philosophers from both fields. You are invited to explore the academic staff listing to see which topic areas are covered and identify a potential supervisor for your thesis. Additionally, as a Philosophy and Literature candidate, you will be eligible for secondary supervision from English or Modern Languages in addition to your primary supervisor from Philosophy, if it is relevant to your particular research project. If you think this would be a good fit for your research, you should discuss the possibility with your potential Philosophy supervisor in the first instance.

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