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Central Themes in Philosophy (PH142)

Your experience seems to present you with a wide variety of things, including people, paintings, conversations, and rainbows. And those things seem to have a variety of qualities: the rainbow appears blue in parts, the conversation indiscreet; the painting seems elegant, the person tall. How much of that variety is genuine? How much reflects merely your own idiosyncrasies? Is the blue of the rainbow there independently of your experience? What about the elegance of the painting, or the inconsiderateness of the conversation? How should we understand these qualities and the things that seem to bear them? What are people? Does the variety of things outstrip experience to take in numbers and their ilk?

Throughout this module, you’ll be exposed to major philosophical arguments and positions on these and related topics, with the aim of deepening your understanding of the seemingly multi-faceted world that you inhabit.


Module Director

Dr Barney Walker


This module is worth 15 CATS.