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Principles of Political Economy: Philosophy & Politics (PH338)

Philosophy deals with what’s possible; politics with what’s practical. However, can we really get a handle on either of these areas without thinking about the other? Many of the contemporary problems we face require detailed reflection on both topics and how they relate - for instance, how can we evaluate the effectiveness of a political institution without understanding what it should be for?

Topics covered year by year differ but have included: intergenerational justice; justice between nations; the politics of climate change; duties towards migrants. In all of these cases, a proper understanding of the issues requires combining your understanding of politics with the tools of philosophy. By the end of this module, you will have a firm understanding of a set of contemporary political problems and how thinking them through philosophically deepens our understanding.

Principles of Political Economy: Philosophy and Politics


This module is worth 15 CATS.

Module Directors:

Kirk Surgener (Philosophy)

Simon Caney (PAIS)