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Hear the views of some of our students

Isabella, 2nd year, BA Philosophy

isabella cp"What initially drew me to Warwick was the warm and welcoming reception I received from everyone I met on the open day; I could immediately picture myself not only studying here but living here as well. All of the lecturers and academics I spoke to were not only knowledgable about philosophy but genuinely passionate about it, a quality which I don’t think can be faked.

Additionally, out of all the universities I looked at, I picked Warwick due to the wide variety of module choices. I wanted to incorporate different subject areas into my Philosophy degree and felt that I would have the best chance of doing that at Warwick. Indeed this turned out to be true, during the past year Psychology, Media, Photography, Politics, Gender Studies, and many more have all worked their way into my Philosophy degree.

I love studying philosophy because of the intellectual challenge it presents. When I finally have that light bulb moment and understand an argument or theory its incredibly rewarding, especially when I am then able to contribute towards a debate in the subject area and develop my own opinion. In seminars we are encouraged to critically engage with the material given and not only answer tutor’s questions but to think independently and come up with our own questions to share with the group. Through this process you see new sides to an argument that you may not have thought of before and appreciate alternative perspective to your own. This experience becomes extremely useful when it comes to writing an essay as you are already familiar with the ways in which someone may dispute your argument."

Issy, 2nd year, BA Philosophy and Literature

Cat, BA Philosophy (2015)

“Warwick has been a fantastic place to study a broad range of philosophical disciplines. The Philosophy department is brilliant, as it offers such diverse modules. In my first year, the focus of the course was to study the foundations of Philosophy that would be used in the honours level modules. This included Ancient Philosophy, Logic I (which has been surprising useful!), Descartes, Issues in Philosophy and many more. In second year, very few of my modules were compulsory, and by third year I had full control of my options; this meant I could shape my degree however I wanted. Some students choose to follow a specialised pathway throughout their course, others, like myself, have followed a wide variety of modules. Many students even opt to take a few modules from external departments. The freedom to structure your degree based on your interests, is something that I really love about the department here.”

Heidi, 2nd year, BA Philosophy

Phoebe, Final year, BA Philosophy & Literature

phoebe"Before starting my studies at The University of Warwick I was not really sure what aspects of Philosophy I enjoyed and wanted to study further. Having studied Philosophy and Ethics at A-Level, I knew a lot about the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics, but not necessarily much more than that. As a Philosophy and Literature first year, however, I had to study Intro to Philosophy as a core module, and this enabled me to refine my interests in philosophy.

Through this, I found that I was intrigued by aesthetic philosophy; the study of art and beauty and our appreciation of it. This meant that I continued on to do ‘Aesthetics: Art, Beauty and the Sublime’, but also looked into exciting contemporary aesthetic modules such as ‘Philosophy of Photography’ and ‘Philosophy Through Film’. I had never engaged with such modern thinkers and theories, and Warwick’s calibre of modules provided me with the ability to study things I had never thought about before.

Alongside this, due to being a joint honours student I have always wanted to choose modules from both departments that have aided both sides of my degree. Warwick Philosophy’s diverse range of modules have allowed me to achieve this, because there is enough range to find something that both strikes my interest and lends itself to my English Literature modules. For example, I have studied feminism in multiple different English modules, and this year I am studying Feminism as a Philosophy module. As a result of this, I have been able to look at feminism from a philosophical perspective, which I have never done before, and also add depth to my understanding of something I am thoroughly passionate about.

Warwick Philosophy has developed my principle understanding and conceptualisation of what it means to do philosophy through the core modules, whilst also enabling me to shape my degree to what I am passionate about, and discover new interests each year!"

Sam, alumni, BA Philosophy and Literature (2010)
Izzy, BA Philosophy (2016)

“I chose philosophy at Warwick because of the high standard of lecturers, in terms of specialist research and teaching quality. Also, philosophy at Warwick set itself apart from other courses due to the wide range of modules on offer, for example in areas such as aesthetics, political philosophy and Ancient Greek philosophy.The course is suitably challenging but lecturers and teaching assistants have always been more than happy to give help and support. New modules are offered each year, which increases variety and the likelihood of finding something really unique which grabs your interest! One of the biggest considerations for me was Warwick’s (and specifically the philosophy department’s) amazing reputation. Belonging to a first class university and department really gives you pride in your learning and motivates you to push yourself.”

Callum, 2nd year, BA Philosophy and Literature

Sarah, alumni, BA Philosophy (2012)

"Upon graduation I started my own philosophy and sciencefiction blog to combine my love of both subjects and to continue my interest in my degree topic. This writing experience contributed to my getting a marketing and PR internship with a chocolate-making events company based in London, where my writing and analytical abilities developed through my philosophy degree were invaluable. Following this, I undertook some work experience at a publishing house in Bath, where my critical and writing abilities were utilised and strengthened by my proof-reading and product review work; in particular as I was reviewing science-fiction products and ideas which linked in fantastically with my blog. I then began a marketing internship at SEA LIFE in Birmingham through the Warwick Graduate Internship scheme, which led to a further temporary position at the attraction, after which I was interviewed and given the job of Marketing Co-ordinator for the Merlin Entertainments Manchester Cluster (SEA LIFE and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre).Getting a job with Merlin was a dream come true, but I couldn’t have done it without the skills I developed from philosophy. My philosophy blog, developed in reflection on my time at Warwick, has impressed at every job interview since graduating and I am proud to say I was inspired by my metaphysics lectures and dissertation, as well as my fellow students. Moreover, the critical thinking that philosophy induces in students has been a crucial trait in my professional development, encouraging an eye for detail which has led me to produce work of a high quality"