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Study Abroad

Our department is part of a global network of exchange partners enabling you to spend time studying in another country during your time with us. We have long-standing agreements with prestigious universities in countries around the world.

There are two options for study abroad: an integrated year or an intercalated year.

Integrated: study abroad included within your three year degree

An integrated year allows you to replace year two of your programme with a year abroad. The marks you earn will count as the second year of your final degree results. Single Honours, Joint Honours or Philosophy with students are eligible to apply. We participate in exchange schemes with two North American Universities.

Intercalated: study abroad adding a year to your degree

The intercalated option will add one year to your degree programme. Undergraduate students doing Single Honours Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature and the Philosophy with degree programmes can also set up an approved work placement abroad. Typically students apply in their second year of study to go abroad for a third year of study at a European institution. Students then return to Warwick for their final year. Warwick also has university-wide partnerships with universities all around the world. Each year the Philosophy department is allocated a number of places on these exchanges to which you can apply.

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Study Abroad Programmes

Please note that this is the list of study abroad programmes available for the 2017/18 academic year and is indicative of the types of lists that will be available in future years.

The department currently has two study abroad programmes available for all our single honours and joint degree students (including PPE):

Philosophy department and PPE students also have the possiblity to study abroad at the University of Hong Kong. This is available to all Law and Sciences Sciences undergraduates. Note that this Social Science Agreement is very competitive, as there are only two places overall. The Exchange coordinator can nominate students from Philosophy, but students cannot be guaranteed a place.

Students can also choose to participate in any of the university-wide exchange programmes, including exchanges with:

  • Monash University (2 campuses in Melbourne, Australia; and Selangor, Malaysia)
  • AIKOM at University of Tokyo (Japan). Classes are taught in English.
  • NUPACE at Nagoya University (Japan). Many classes are taught in English, but all the philosophy classes are taught in Japanese. But bear in mind that students can take classes in areas other than philosophy.
  • Hokkaido (Japan).
  • Seoul National University (South Korea). Depending on the classes, classes are taught in Korean or English.
  • Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou, China). Classes are taught in English.
  • Xiamen University (Fujian Province, China). Classes are taught in English.
  • Tsinghua (Beijing, China). Classes are taught in English.

A full list of partner institutions and further information on how to apply can be found on the Study Abroad webpages. You can also contact the current Undergraduate Study Abroad Coordinator for Philosophy, Associate Professor Tom Crowther,

The student experience

“For my third year as a Warwick Philosophy student, I decided to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities offered at Warwick and participated in an Erasmus year abroad at the University of Vienna in Austria. This turned out to be an invaluable experience and one I would recommend to anyone. As a student at the university, I had the opportunity to gain a different perspective on the study of philosophy: I was able to interact with new professors and students, got access to a wide selection of new modules (e.g. Confucian Philosophy), and experienced a different educational system. As an individual, on the other hand, I got to live in amazing city for a year, truly immersing myself into its culture and taking advantage of its offerings.”

- Enrica Bellomo, BA Philosophy 2017