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Recordings and Slides from Past CSWG Events

Public Lecture Feminist Dilemmas (November 2018)

The audio recording is available here.

Workshop Certifying Equality? A critical conversation on Athena SWAN and equality accreditation (February 2017)

This was a one-day event looking at the challenges and opportunities afforded by Athena SWAN. On this page you can find materials from the event, as well as the original promotional information.

Book Launch Genes and the Bioimaginary: Science, Spectacle, Culture, by Prof. Deborah L. Steinberg (June 2016)

Launch event for the book Genes and the Bioimaginary: Science, Spectacle, Culture (June 14th, 2016). Featuring talks by Prof. Elizabeth Ettorre, Prof. Stuart Murray and Prof. Deborah Lynn Steinberg, and chaired by Prof. Nickie Charles.

Workshop Gendering the Arab Spring (October 2011)

This workshop, sponsored by CSWG and the Department of Politics and International Studies, was held on October 28th, 2011. Some of the questions asked by the workshop, included: How significant is gender in understanding the "Arab spring"? What do Arab women hope to achieve from their participation in the uprisings? What is the future of women’s rights and gender relations in the aftermath of dictatorship?

Video recordings of the workshop presentations are available here.

CSWG Graduate Seminar Series

Audio recordings of some of the presentations given as part of this series are available here.