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Recordings and Slides from Past CSWG Events

Public Lecture When Feminism Wins: Gaining the Right to Abortion in Ireland (October 2019)

Prof. Ailbhe Smith presented this talk on October 25th 2019 detailing a brief history of and her experiences with women's community organisations and social movement politics in Ireland, specifically in relation to the fight for abortion rights.

Ailbhe reflected directly upon her involvement in various campaigns, such as being the Co-Director of the Together for Yes national referendum campaign and convener of the Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment. For more information about these campaigns, please see here 

Workshop Doing Feminist Pedagogy in Contemporary Universities: Old Dilemmas and New Challenges (March 2019)

This workshop reflected on how we might rethink and redo feminist pedagogy in the present, in light of old dilemmas and new challenges, including the working/studying conditions of the neoliberal university, changing student activist cultures, an epidemic of mental health issues among staff and students, or calls for a more intersectional, liberated curriculum.

It featured the following speakers:

  • Janine Francois (University of Bedfordshire): Moving from Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: How ‘Intersectionality’ can Facilitate Difficult Conversation within Teaching and Learning
  • Radhika Govinda (University of Edinburgh): 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall..." The Promise and Perils of Decolonising Feminist Classrooms
  • Awino Okech (SOAS): Reflections on Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Nicola Rivers (University of Gloucestershire): Resisting Resilience: The Role of Vulnerability in the Neoliberal Academy

Audio recordings of some of the interventions are available - click on the title of the talk to listen to the recording.

Symposium Trans and Intersex Rights in Health and Education - Discourse, Power and Possibility (December 2018)

This event, held on December 5th 2018, was organised to celebrate the publication of Dr. Ruth Pearce's book Understanding Trans Health, and centred around the question: How are trans and intersex lives defined, managed and contested in healthcare, education, and community settings?

The symposium featured talks by:

The audio icon indicates that a recording is available - click on the title of the talk to listen to the recording.

Public Lecture Feminist Dilemmas: How to talk about gender-based violence in relation to the Middle East? (November 2018)

This public lecture by Prof. Nadje Al-Ali charts her trajectories and dilemmas as a feminist activist/academic when researching, writing and talking about gender-based violence with reference to the Middle East - specifically in relation to Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon.

The lecture was held on November 2nd, 2018, with Dr Nicola Pratt as discussant. An audio recording of this event is available here.

Symposium Feminism, Queer and Neoliberalism: Critique, Complicity and Complexity (June 2018)

This symposium brought together academics, activists and artists from a range of disciplines to discuss the relationship between feminism, queer and neoliberalism. We considered how feminism and queer have resisted neoliberalism, and how feminism and queer have been complicit with it, but we also wanted to go beyond that conventional binary framing and engage with the many complexities of that dynamic relationship.

Audio recordings and slides for some of the interventions in this event are available here.

Workshop Certifying Equality? A critical conversation on Athena SWAN and equality accreditation (February 2017)

This was a one-day event looking at the challenges and opportunities afforded by Athena SWAN. On this page you can find materials from the event, as well as the original promotional information.

Book Launch Genes and the Bioimaginary: Science, Spectacle, Culture, by Prof. Deborah L. Steinberg (June 2016)

Launch event for the book Genes and the Bioimaginary: Science, Spectacle, Culture (June 14th, 2016). Featuring talks by Prof. Elizabeth Ettorre, Prof. Stuart Murray and Prof. Deborah Lynn Steinberg, and chaired by Prof. Nickie Charles.

Workshop Gendering the Arab Spring (October 2011)

This workshop, sponsored by CSWG and the Department of Politics and International Studies, was held on October 28th, 2011. Some of the questions asked by the workshop, included: How significant is gender in understanding the "Arab spring"? What do Arab women hope to achieve from their participation in the uprisings? What is the future of women’s rights and gender relations in the aftermath of dictatorship?

Video recordings of the workshop presentations are available here.

CSWG Graduate Seminar Series

Audio recordings of some of the presentations given as part of this series are available here.