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Requests for the installation of new or upgraded software

To make new software ready and available for installation on WBS computers we normally require 3 weeks' notice. On occasions when less notice is given we will make every effort to make the software available but may not be able to do so, or may not be able to test it as much as we would like.

Most core software is covered by IT Services site licences. We are usually automatically alerted when an upgrade is available and will generally create a new WBS application unless the upgrade appears very minor.

With specialist software that is purchased by individual groups we are not aware when a new version is released. Once staff alert us, then provided we have a copy of the software and the licence details, we will prepare the software application unless we consider the upgrade to be minor. Once the application is made we will ask the original requesting academic to test it and provide feedback. Once we receive feedback that the software works correctly we will make it available to the relevant staff and students.

If you require a software program to be available through Software Centre please send the appropriate information about the program and reason for it's addition to the