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Changing the default address book

All of the contents of your personal GroupWise Address Books were copied across to Outlook. By default however they are not in the location expected by Outlook, which can make creating a new messages unnecessarily time-consuming. Resolving this is a two-stage process that will make it easier to create new emails in the future.

Stage 1: Copy the contents of the imported Frequent Contacts address book to the Microsoft equivalent ‘Suggested Contacts’.

  • Select ‘Contacts’ in the Navigation Pane

  • Select the ‘Frequent Contacts’ Address Book. You *may* see two of these. When you click in the correct one you should see lots of familiar addresses from the GroupWise system.
  • Click any contact in your Frequent Contacts list and the press Ctrl A on your keyboard to select everyone in the Frequent Contacts Address Book
  • While all the contacts are still selected drag any contact onto the ‘Suggested Contacts’ Address Book. This may take a number of minutes, depending on the number of contacts in your Frequent Contacts list – please be patient.

  • If a contact already exists in the ‘Suggested Contacts’ folder you will see a dialogue box asking how you wish to proceed (add a new contact or update the existing one). Look at the information and make your choice. Personally I simply chose the ‘ Update All’ option but you may wish to be more careful/selective.

Stage 2: Making the ‘Suggested Contacts’ the default search folder

  • Click the ‘Address Book’ icon in the ‘Find’ section towards the top-right of the screen (there are a number of ways of opening the Address Book but this one is special ….)

  • Click Tools > Options (opening the Address Book in other ways does not provide these options, frustrating eh!)

  • Change the default address book by selecting ‘Suggested Contacts’ from the drop down list

  • Click OK and then the red cross to close all the dialogue boxes
  • Test it by clicking Mail > New Mail > To. You should see that the default Address Book is now your ‘Suggested Contacts’ folder. Please note this *doesn’t* mean these results will auto-complete when you start typing someone’s name – that is a separate issue….