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Sending Large files

Email size limit

Email systems need limits to prevent the sending and receiving of large files that would impact performance for all users. For the Office365 system that limit is 25MB for emails sent via the Outlook client and also the Outlook Web Interface. Any message (including attachments) that is larger than this will not be sent; instead you should receive a warning.


We recommend the use of the IT Services files.warwick service for the transmission of files larger than 10MB (up to a maximum of 250MB). You can access this service via You will need to know your IT Services username (typically starts bs....) and password.

If you do not know these please contact the IT Services Helpdesk on (Tel 024 765 73737) .

For guidance on how to send large messages see

For guidance on how to allow someone to send you large messages see

For sending really large files the best and fastest way can still be to burn a DVD and to send through the post.