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Authy 2FA instructions

These instructions are for setting up my.wbs 2FA using Authy desktop version.

1. Download the client using the above link.

2. Create an Authy account - this will require a phone number and email address to create.

3. Log into my.wbs and go to your preferences from your profile icon.

4. On the Two-factor settings select 'via app' and scroll down to see the manual code option:

my.wbs 2fa code section

5. Copy the long code that will be where the box highlighted above is.

6. Open the Authy client and select the plus button to add an account:

Authy add account

7. Paste the code you copied earlier from my.wbs into the box provided on the next screen in Authy.

Authy insert code page

8. Next choose a suitable name and icon to identify my.wbs 2FA in your Authy account. The Token length can be kept as default of 6-digit, then select save.

Authy name and icon settings

9. You will then be presented with a 2FA code in Authy for my.wbs that changes every 30 seconds. Copy this and paste it into the my.wbs 2FA setup to select verify the code and finished the setup process

You are now set up with Authy 2FA for my.wbs! Please see 'Now I have two factor authentication set up how do I log in?' section on this page.

For any problems with these instructions please contact