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Which browsers are supported at WBS

All the information systems at WBS are designed to be usable from all modern versions of any standards-compliant browser, e.g.Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. We strongly recommend that all users ensure they are running the most up-to-date version of their chosen browser on any personal machines to ensure they are safe against known security bugs. On occasion some third party software in use may only support particular browsers or give reduced functionality to particular browsers. Wherever we have input into system choice we will always penalise any system that does not provide a common experience to all modern, standards-compliant browsers.

On student and staff machines at WBS we pre-install Edge and Google Chrome. These are the only browsers we support and were chosen because of their popularity (based on our own stats and also those from other organisationsLink opens in a new window) and manageability.

Should there ever be a clear academic or business requirement for a different browser for a particular purpose we will consider this but strongly believe it is the responsiblity of the service provider to make their services easily accessible and not to require users to make changes to their systems in order to consume those services.