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Troubleshooting Alumni access to Business Source Alumni edition

Alumni of Warwick Business School get free access to Business Source Alumni edition, giving online access to over 1,500 full text business magazines and journals and other sources. Each year some alumni have problems accessing this valuable resource. This page shows the process for accessing Business Source Alumni edition using the example of a real user who reported a problem. Hopefully the screenshots will assist you in identifying the cause of your problem.

If you are having a problem please do the following:

  • Try accessing using the steps under the section 'What you should see' (shown below).
  • If that doesn't work try the same on a different computer. If you can access on that computer but not on the first computer then the problem clearly lies with the first computer and you will need to identify a source of technical support for that device, although some hints are given below.
  • If that still doesn't work try a computer on a completely different network if you have not done so already. If that works then it shows that the problem is with the network or setup of computers in that organisation. Typically this is an issue in companies that set their security level very high.
  • If you cannot access BSP on any of these computers please contact us. We will then try on a random computer to confirm your account is working correctly.

Some hints if access is not working on your home computer

Clearly we cannot support your home computer. The following are therefore some hints that might help you but which you use at your own risk.

  • Try a different browser. They are free and are the easiest way of working around some problems. You probably already have Internet Explorer installed and you can get a copy of FireFox from or Google's Chrome from
  • If you can't try a new browser try clearing the cookies. Note that this will cause your computer to forget all its stored usernames and passwords.
  • If you have any other tips that may help your fellow users please add a comment to the bottom of this page.

What you should see

  • Start from the Alumni website at
  • You can log in using the options on the right side. As I am logging in as a real student whose password I do not know I click the ‘Forgotten password?’ link.

  • I enter the student’s real details and click Login.

  • Which brings me to …

  • Click the Services link and then the Research option

  • Which brings you to the link page for Business Source Alumni Edition. Click the link.

  • To check you can see full text versions run a basic search for Author = Porter

  • The top link should be an article about ‘Why Human Resources Talent Belongs on the Board’. Click the PDF Full Text link to check you can see the full version


  • Although this service gives you access to lots of material some results will not show you the full version without paying an additional fee. To limit your searches to only those articles where the Full Text version is available select the option below


  • As well as working in Internet Explorer, access should also work in Firefox (and other browsers such as Chrome).