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WBS Staff: Accessing your WBS H, I and U drives online

Working remotely?

If you have a computer on your desk at work our recommendation is to use Remote Desktop to connect to that computer and to complete your work as if you were sat in the office. That way any confidential information stays safe on your Office computer.

If you do decide to use the service described below:

  • do not use it for any sensitive files containing personal information on students or staff. These must not leave the University where we can keep them safe
  • after you have downloaded non-sensitive files to your computer, worked on them and re-uploaded them make sure you fully delete them from your home computer (usually that means you have to select the file you want to delete and then press Shift + Delete. This stops the file going to your Recycle Bin).


You are a WBS Staff member working at home on your personal computer and wish to access files that you have stored on your H (personal) drive or your shared I or U drives.


  • In the left menu you should options for your H, I and U drives. Within your H drive the most commonly used folders are stored within the 'Settings' folder, e.g. Desktop, Documents and Favorites

    Typically the most useful folders are within the settings folder

  • When you have finished we recommend you both log-out and close your browser (not just the tab you were using).