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Strategies used by fraudsters to cause you/your computer damage

Fraudsters/criminals etc are always looking for new ways to trick you into giving out personal information or clicking on virus-infected emails.

Previous strategies they have used have included:

  • Greed: "You have won $100k etc, click the attachment to find out more".... or
  • Sex: "Click the attachment to see Mickey Mouse in the shower" ... or
  • Fear: "We have temporarily closed your account click the attachment to re-enable."

Please be aware of a couple of new approaches:

  1. Sending you an email saying that your new <expensive item> e.g. computer has been ordered and will be delivered next week. The aim of this is that you will contact the company to say you have ordered no such device. They will apologise profusely and offer to refund you the amount if you just give then your bank details.
  2. Appealing to vanity "As a highly respected commentator on development issues in Peru we would like to include you in our upcoming edition of Respected Business Leaders of Today - please click on the attachment to approve the article"

Stay safe out there!