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Troubleshooting problems in lecture theatres

No audio

  • Are you projecting the image to the audience? Until you do the sounds are not audible.
  • Is the Control Panel muted (will show as a red icon as below) or has the volume been turned down very low?

  • Is the device muted? With a PC you can check by clicking the speaker icon in the notification area (near the clock). Check the ‘Mute’ box is not ticked

No image/picture

  • Check the device is turned on. The DVD and VCR should automatically turn on when you select their source but if this fails you can manually turn them on. The PC cannot be turned on automatically so you will need to manually turn it on (in the cupboard to your right).
  • Have you pressed the ‘Start Projecting’ button?

Image / picture is stretched, only covers part of the screen etc

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Display
  • Select the Settings Tab and click the ‘Advanced’ button

    Click the advanced button


  • Select the Monitor tab
  • Note the refresh rate currently selected. Choose a different rate from the drop down list (e.g. if the current setting is 60 select 75)

    Select the monitor tab

  • Click Apply. This should fix the problem, if not set the refresh rate back to the original choice. If this still does not work move to the ‘If none of the above works…’ section following.

PC Problems

  • Check the PC is turned on (in the cupboard to your right).
  • Try restarting the PC (shut down, wait a few seconds and turn it back on again).
  • If you have a problem with a USB memory stick/key ensure you are plugging it into the computer (either directly or into the short extension cable hanging from the PC). Do not plug the memory stick into the USB ports on the keyboard / screen.

Projector problems (e.g. projector not switching on)

  • Try turning the system off (press the PWR button at the top left of the control panel) and confirm that you want to Switch Off the system. Wait the 120 seconds it takes for the projector to cool down and then start again by selecting the source you require.
  • Try selecting a different source (e.g. Visualiser) and pressing ‘Start Projecting’. Assuming this works then select your desired source again (e.g. PC) and again press ‘Start Projecting’. Often this will get the system back in sync.

If none of the above works…

  • In regular working hours contact the Helpdesk on 024 765 22522. All calls from Lecture Theatres are classed as the highest priority and receive immediate attention. There is no out-of-hours support unless this has been specifically organised by the group/programme responsible for your session.
  • If you have a problem out of hours you should try moving to an alternate lecture theatre. Your WBS staff card will let you into any WBS teaching room from 07.00 - 24.00.