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Purchasing Software

When staff wish to purchase or use any new software it is in everyone's interest to ensure that duplicate licences are not accidentally being purchased, that any bulk-buy discount opportunities are being realised and that certain minimum security standards are being met.

For these reasons all software requests, whether for free or paid software, need to be approved by the central University's Information and Digital Group (IDG) before purchase.

  • To request approval please visit the central Helpdesk site at (logging in with your central University credentials, likely of the format u123456 or bxxxx).
  • Type 'procurement' in the 'How can we help?' section and select the 'Software Procurement' option.

Select the software procurement option

  • Complete the form providing as much information as possible as this will help the request to progress smoothly
  • The IDG software approval team will contact you if they need further information and will take care of obtaining all the necessary approvals in terms of IT Security, GDPR, Research and Impact Services, Accessibility and any other requirements.
  • IDG will inform you as to final result. If approval is given and the request is for paid software then you should raise an order with WBS Finance as normal, attaching the IDG approval. If approval is given and the software is free then contact the WBS Helpdesk to request that the software is made available via the Software Centre.