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Splitting text in Excel 2007


You have a column of text that you would like to split. In this example you have a column of names that you would like to split into first names and last names. Here the column is short but this can be a real time-saver if you have hundreds or thousands of names.


  • Open the file in Excel 2007.

    Open file in Excel 2007

  • Ensure there is at least one blank column to the right or else the information written there will be overwritten.
  • Select the text that you would like to split

    Select the text you want to split
  • Click the Data tab and select ‘Text to Columns’

    Click data, text to columns
  • Follow the wizard. In this case we select the ‘Delimited’ option and set the Delimiter to be a space

In this example choose delimited

In this example the delimiter is a space

  • Once the wizard is complete the text will be split as below

    The final result