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All Staff Ricoh devices to be placed shortly

The university has re-tendered for its Multi-function device (MFD) contract. This was won by a company called XMA and will see the imminent replacement of the current Ricoh devices by faster, colour (if your group wishes) Kyocera devices.

Ricoh are still under contract to provide support for existing devices until December this year. Prior to that all staff Ricoh devices will need to be replaced by new devices. Your group will be contacted shortly to discuss the choice of new device from a limited list put together by central IT Services / Print Services.

These new Kyocera MFDs should offer the following advantages:

  • They are new and thus much less prone to jamming than the elderly Ricohs
  • There is a colour option (your group can decide whether to have a colour option or not)
  • They scan in high quality colour
  • They are faster than the current Ricohs
  • A support engineer permanently based on campus

Most student Ricoh devices will also be replaced although some are near the start of their contract and thus must be kept.

Kyocera MFS