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Change to the door access system for this academic year

From the coming academic year there will be a change in the configuration of the door access system at the main entrance into the WBS Scarman Road building.

Currently, during weekday office hours, it is possible to enter the Scarman Road building and to proceed into the main part of the building without having to use a valid university card. This will change. It will still be possible to enter the reception area of the Scarman Road building without a card (e.g. to get out of the rain) but it will no longer be possible to go any further into the building as all three interior doors from the reception area will be locked 24/7.

Visitors and guests who do not have a valid WBS university card will need to report to the receptionist who will be able to open any of the interior doors as necessary.

If you have any concerns about this upcoming change please contact martin dot chandler at wbs dot ac dot uk