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Executive Teaching Centre lecture theatres upgraded

This summer both lecture theatres in the Executive Teaching Centre were upgraded.

The major changes include:

  • The provision of dual projection to allow for the simultaneous projection of two sources (e.g. PowerPoint and the visualiser
  • Ceiling-mounted visualisers that point down to glass whiteboards. Now you can write on standard whiteboards safe in the knowledge that the content can be seen clearly by all - assuming you have legible handwriting of course
  • A change from rear to front projection to provide a brighter, sharper image
  • New furniture including variable-height visuliser cabinets (no more aching backs!) and extra wide lecterns to provide additional space for teaching notes and similar
  • Large confidence monitors so presenters are better able to see what their audience is seeing without having to look around
  • Improved audio system including the provision of two radio mics per theatre (kept in the theatres) as well as 'shotgun' mics which allow the hard of hearing to hear the presenter's voice, even if they are not wearing a lapel mic.

Ceilng-mounted visualiser