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Gas Leak on Gibbet Hill Road

16 November, 14.45: Transco have just informed the University that a gas
leak has been identified at the Clinical Trials Building at the Gibbet
Hill campus on Gibbet Hill Road.

The CTU, the Medical Teaching Building and the Farmhouse on Gibbet Hill
Road have been evacuated as a precaution whilst Transco attend to
identify and repair the leak. At present, the main Medical School and
Life Sciences buildings remain unaffected but the emergency services
will provide further information after assessing the situation alongside
Transco experts.

The affected buildings will remain evacuated until Transco and the
emergency services have confirmed that they are safe for University
members to return to.

The University's Health and Safety Office and the Estates Office have
been informed and are on site at Gibbet Hill.

The incident has unfortunately resulted in the Gibbet Hill Road being
closed. At present, it is not know how long the road will remain closed
for, but further information will be posted on insite as soon as it is