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IT Services downtime 7th July: likely effects on WBS

You may have read the notice that all IT Services will be unavailable on Saturday July 7th from 07.00 - 12.00 with all systems 'at risk' until Monday morning. This essential maintenance work is being undertaken by the central University IT department. This explains the likely effects on WBS students and staff.

Many of the systems within Warwick Business School operate independently of central IT Services and will not be affected by this change. In particular the following are not expected to be affected:

  • WBS PG student email (mail.wbs provided by Google)
  • WBS staff email (live@edu provided by Microsoft)
  • my.wbs (although, as ever, we recommend you log in with your WBS username... something like DL11XX)
  • Access to computers or data at WBS

Access to library services does depend on central IT Services and thus is expected to not be available for the period 07.00 - 12.00 on Saturday July 7th. Equally computers outside of WBS will also be unavailable (e.g. the student areas in the learning grid will not work).