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Password complexity requirements for staff email (live@edu)

Microsoft have made changes to the staff live@edu email system to improve system security and to improve your ability to enter your account if you forget your password. This only seems to affect users if they are accessing their email via the web (

Change 1:

If you access your staff email via the web interface you may see an additional screen after login asking for some additional contact information in the form of a secondary email address and a telephone number. This information is required before you can access your email.

Change 2:

When you log into your email via the Web the Microsoft system will check the strength of your password. If it is not considered secure enough you will be redirected away from your email to another page with advice on how to choose a better password (or you may simply be redirected to the login page).

All passwords must be between 8 and 16 characters and have to meet various complexity rules.

For advice on choosing a secure, yet easy to remember, password see:

To change your current IT Services password (the one used for your staff email account) see: