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PhDs only: Important IT changes this weekend (10th - 14th August)

We shall be making some changes to the IT setup for PhD Researchers over the period August 10th - 14th.


  • All WBS PhDs who are based at Warwick
  • Any other WBS PhDs who uses their WBS H drive space
  • Staff are not affected


Don't save new files on your H drive from Friday Aug 10th evening to Tuesday Aug 14
Over the period Friday August 10th to Tuesday August 14th we shall be copying your H drive files (that includes your 'Desktop' and 'Documents' folders) from an old server to a new, faster one. For this entire period it is important you do not save any files to your H drive or they may become unavailable to you. Note that they will not be lost, but you may not be able to access them without contacting the WBS Helpdesk ( To avoid this problem we ask you not to save files to your H drive but to use alternatives such as DropBox, your mail.wbs Google Drive account or simply emailing changed files to yourself. You can even just save them to a USB memory stick but please ensure you have a backup.

Be aware of possible disruption on Monday August 13th
Early on the afternoon of August 13th we will make a change to your login system. This will have no effect on you until you next restart your computer. Once you do you will notice that your old login screen has changed. For the first time only the login screen will appear as below and you will need to click the 'Other user' option and log in with your regular WBS username and password.

The first time only you need to click the Other User option

Also on August 13th we shall be changing the way you connect to your printers. Again we will try to make this as smooth as possible but there may be times during the day when printers are not available.

We shall be migrating a number of systems from legacy technologies to more modern, reliable alternatives. This should present a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to more printers
  • A 10 times increase in your file storage quota (to 1GB per person)
  • A more reliable desktop environment with reduced risk of incompatibilities
  • Easier access to your files from personal computers
  • Easier printing from personal devices, including tablets and smartphones