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Distribution lists administration: April 2010

ISSU are proposing deleting the staff GroupWise distribution lists 'All Support Staff' and 'All Academic-Related Staff' and replacing them with a single distribution list (name to be decided, see below). It is felt that the current lists cause confusion and no longer match the reality of recent changes to the pay scales in use.

Please let me know ( martin dot chandler at wbs dot ac dot uk ) if the removal of one of these distribution lists would cause you problems.

Of course the really tricky part is what to name the new list so that it is clear and appropriate. In particular feedback has indicated that use of the term 'Non-Academic' is being avoided by national university administrator/professional staff groups because it is felt to be a negative expression (i.e. what we are not). Please vote (you should see a micropoll below) on the options below or suggest a new name through the comments at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your time.