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What do I need to do?

To do list

This project is now considered complete (April 2012). The information is kept here for archive purposes.

To ensure the migration of your email account goes smoothly please do the following now:

  1. Ensure you know both your central university IT Services username and password. Post migration you will need a username based on this to access your email. Usernames are typically all letters and are of the form 'bs***'. For more information see here.
  2. Install Office 2010 (Service Pack 1). To get the most out of the new system it is important you are using the most up-to-date version of Outlook. Please install this by clicking on the Office 2010 link in the list of programs available via 'Run Advertised Programs'. If you are using Windows XP (and therefore see WBS-Applications instead) please email help at wbs dot ac dot uk to arrange an upgrade to Windows 7.
  3. Review and understand the mail limits imposed by the new system. Contact the Helpdesk for advice if these are likely to cause disruption to your work.
  4. Decide if you need to keep your GroupWise archived messages.
  5. We know some customers use Outlook on their WBS-provided computer to access GroupWise. If you currently do this please email help at wbs dot ac dot uk now so we can ensure there are no problems during the change.
  6. Locate and delete large attachments. Any messages over 25MB will not be migrated and will thus be lost. Please see here for information on how to locate and manage these messages
  7. Spring clean your mailbox to smooth the migration process for you and everyone else.
  8. Email help at wbs dot ac dot uk if there is anything unusual about your account or those that you manage. For example we know that some email account interface with external systems. Probably we already know about this but there is no harm in making sure. If in doubt please get in touch.