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What happens to your email account when you leave

The university's policy is that a staff member's email account will be disabled 8 weeks after their last working day as recorded in the central HR records system. Note that during this 8-week period access may be granted to other staff members to ensure no business emails are going unanswered.

Given the above, our strong recommendation, as included on our Email Best Practice guide, is that users create a separate private account for their personal email to prevent problems of other staff having access to their personal email or issues of contactibility once a staff members leaves. Organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or others will provide free web-based accounts that can be used for this purpose. Users should not attempt to install other email clients on their computers as this is likely to cause configuration problems.

What if I need the account to be kept open for longer than 8 weeks?

In exceptional circumstances the university may agree to keep an email account open for longer than the 8 week period described above. This may happen where there is a clear business need for this continued access and where the request has been approved by the Chief Operating Officer of WBS.

To request an account be kept open:

  1. Contact the eSolutions Helpdesk with an explanation of the business need for an account to be kept open. We shall then seek approval from the Chief Operating Officer of WBS.
  2. Assuming this is approved the person wishing the account to stay open should email the request to including:
    1. The university number of the staff member who is leaving
    2. The date until which you are requesting the account be kept open
    3. A copy of the approval from the Dean's Office
    4. A explanation of the reason for the request
  3. If central HR are convinced of the case they will amend the HR records appropriately. This data then flows down into systems such as those managed by IT Services such that the account will stay open until the agreed date.
  4. The above does not automatically change the expiry date of a WBS account (used for logging into my.wbs etc and not related to email). These are typically closed at the beginning of the month following the last date of employment. Any request for these to be kept open should be sent to